About MoneyGrow

Growing Our Businesses Using Our Savings.

MoneyGrow Savings & Credit Co-operative Society is an empowerment organization registered as a co-operative society in Zambia.

The organization was formed to help it's members raise money to grow our businesses. We wanted a way to access working capital at affordable interest rate and without need for collateral.

We realized that the best way to do this was to save money ourselves and then lend this money to each other.

MoneyGrow is owned by ordinary Zambians. All individual members own an equal amount of shares and have equal say in how the co-operative is run.

MoneyGrow is open to Zambians running small businesses in both the informal and formal sectors. This includes marketeers, vendors, taxi & bus drivers, shop owners, small-scale farmers, small-scale miners and all artisans.

Meet the MoneyGrow Board

Meet the team which is steering the MoneyGrow vision.

Our Board comprises ordinary Zambians with a passion to see MoneyGrow members grow their business and create wealth for themselves and the country.

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